Walt Disney World announced that they would begin booking 2022 vacation packages last week, months ahead of their normal schedule. Read on to find out why you should book your 2022 vacation as soon as you can.

Like most people, I can’t wait to get back to Walt Disney World! It’s been one year ago this week since I last returned from there. Yes, things might look a little different, but there is still plenty of magic to be had! In previous years, Walt Disney World reservations opened up for the next year in June, however the powers that be just opened up for 2022 last week. So you can go ahead and get that trip planned!

Here are three reasons you should go ahead and book your trip as soon as possible.

Something to look forward to

2020 and 2021 got you down? You’re not alone! And some of us NEED something to look forward to.  After a year plus of no travel, no cruises, no nothing, I need a vacation on the books ASAP! 2022 vacations are going to keep me with a positive outlook over the next few months until I can travel again.

Maybe you need this time to sit down regularly with your family or friends and talk about all of the things you want to do when you’re able to get there. Sometimes the mere planning of a trip helps me get out of a rut and lift my spirits!

rise of the resistance storm troopers walt disney world hollywood studios

2022 Could be your year to ride Rise of the Resistance!

Lock in before ticket rates increase

When the 2022 rates were announced, one thing notably missing was an increase in ticket prices! This was a shock to me as a travel planner, as most of the time with new dates come new rates. But, if anything is consistent with Walt Disney World, prices are sure to go up over the next few months. Therefore you should book your trip as soon as you can so can lock in those lower prices.

In addition, if/when a discount comes out, you will be in a great place to have your reservation adjusted. It’s much easier to adjust a reservation already in place than to book a brand new reservation. So you want to be prepared if at all possible.

Lock in before availability goes away

Because several of the Walt Disney World resort hotels do not yet have a reopening date, the 2022 inventory is limited. We still don’t have hotel options at either Port Orleans Resort or two of the All-Star Resorts. So if you’re a value or moderate traveler, your options are going to be more limited in 2022. Booking early will ensure you get the right hotel for your price point.

You can also look at this as an opportunity to stay somewhere new- if you’re not traveling to Walt Disney World in 2021 then maybe you can save up some money and try out a Deluxe Resort that you’ve never stayed at, or even Club Level, which will be reopening in 2022.

Tusker House Donald Duck

Donald Duck and I share a birthday- maybe we can celebrate together in 2022!

Bookings can be made up to 499 days from your trip, so we still have a ways to go for the latter half of the year. But with each day that passes you get closer and closer to being able to book. If you already have dates in mind, go ahead and contact your travel agent so they can make their calendar to get you the information as soon as they can.


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3 Reasons to Book Your 2022 Walt Disney World Vacation Now

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