When you travel to the Disney Parks as often as we do, you get pretty good at packing. Not only packing our luggage, but also packing our bags for a day at the parks! The three of us each have our ‘must have’ items that are with us on every trip. It’s time to share them with you!

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Packing Cubes

I hate packing. No, I mean it. I HATE packing. To the point that my husband often winds up doing it for me, just so I will stop whining about it. I simply do not possess the visual spatial skills necessary to fit everything I want to bring, into the small amount of luggage I can actually take with me. That is, until I discovered these little beauties on Amazon….

Gonex Compression Packing Cubes, 4pcs Expandable Storage Travel Luggage Bags Organizers (Pink)

These have been life-changing for me. Why? For some reason, my brain finds it much easier to pack multiple small things rather than one big thing. But more than that, it makes it so easy to organize items. Work clothes in one cube, play clothes in another. Pajamas and “delicates” go in another cube! Shoes even get their own cube so my clothes stay clean.

Not only does it keep my clothes organized but it makes everything fit so nicely in my suitcase. And makes it easier on the TSA agent when they inevitably search my bag later… (Every. Time.) And these are pink, our favorite color!

Must Have Hand Sanitizer

Let’s face it, even before the pandemic, germs are an inevitable part of travel. From the airplane with God-only-knows-what on the tray, to the hand rails in the queue of Toy Story Midway Mania (when you watched that kid wipe his nose and then grab the rail), It is no wonder that so many guests bring home a virus as a “souvenir.” Sharla’s favorite way to combat those germs is Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer.

The easy-to-use spray bottle means that you can use it not only on your hands but also spray surfaces such as that tray table on the plane, the phone in your resort room, or the table you snagged at the food court during the breakfast rush.

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer 2 oz. Travel Safe Bundle (3 Bottle Pack)

And this 3-pack from Amazon means that you can carry one with you in your Disney park bag and leave the others in the room!

Face Masks

Walt Disney World requires all guests ages 2 and up to wear a face mask. The face mask must secure both behind the ears, and under the chin. (So no gaiters or bandanas!) These adorable masks from Amazon feature our main mouse himself – Mickey! And they come with charcoal filters.

Dis-ney Mic-key Min-nie Red And Black Poster Mouth Cover 3PC with 6 Filters Reusable Face Mask Washable Men’s Women’s Adjustable Made in USA

Face masks are likely going to be a must have for a while. Why not have masks that you love?!

Must Have Sleep Mask

Hotel rooms are great, but they can be hard to sleep in. If you are like Heather, a sleep mask can be a key part of getting that all important beauty rest, so that you can be ready to hit the parks in the morning! (Sara is still looking for one that says, “Wake me for Mickey Bars!”)

Ayygift Soft Silk Comfortable Sleep Eye Mask Pretty Lace Princess Good Sleep Eyeshade Eye Cover

Must Have Phone Charger

There is no panic like looking down and seeing the “Low Battery” warning on your phone. And when visiting the Disney parks, you are using your phone for EVERYTHING. Taking pictures, capturing videos, making FastPass+ on your My Disney Experience app, playing Candy Crush in line while waiting for Slinky Dog Dash…. (Guilty!) Not to mention keeping your kids entertained with that 1000th viewing of Frozen while they wait.

All of this means that at some point in your trip, likely at a critical moment, you will need to charge your phone. Walt Disney World has some locations when you can charge up (and we’ll cover those in a future post) but for those “OMG!” moments when you need a quick charge, these battery packs are a lifesaver. And my favorite one can charge two phones at once, giving you the chance to be a hero to someone else!

mophie powerstation Charger

This is the actual charger I use and I love it. Not only is it my favorite color, but it is FAST! And this one charger gives me multiple full charges. Plus I can charge two devices at once!

Must Have Sunscreen

The Disney Park Princesses take our sun safety very seriously. Because I have already had a small skin cancer removed, I now take it VERY seriously. And while we all use different sunblocks for our first application of the day, this mineral sunscreen is used by all three of us for touch ups throughout the day!

Why do we all love it so much? Because it is a powder, it is super easy to apply and doesn’t leave us feeling sticky. It is easy to transport, and if we are traveling carry-on, it is one less liquid to worry about! But also it lasts and provides great coverage.

Colorescience Brush-On Sunscreen, Sunforgettable Mineral Powder for Sensitive Skin, Broad Spectrum SPF 30 UVA/UVB Protection

Stay Cool

Thanks to our reader Douglas for pointing out a truly critical category we missed – items that help you stay cool in the Florida Heat! Douglas suggested cooling towels (bonus points to him for suggesting coordinating the color of the towel to your MagicBand!). These are the ones I have bought for my son for sports!

[4 Pack] Cooling Towel (40″x12″), Ice Towel, Soft Breathable Chilly Towel, Microfiber Towel for Yoga, Sport, Running, Gym, Workout,Camping, Fitness, Workout & More Activities – Kuen

Another item we love that helps you stay cool – a misting fan!

O2COOL 2 Pack Deluxe Misting Handheld Portable Misting Fan, Raspberry

Back Scratcher

Sharla never travels anywhere without a back scratcher- these little beauties come in very handy (pun intended) after a long day in the parks!

(4-Pack) Plazuria Portable Extendable Telescopic Bear Claws Metal Back Scratchers/Hand Massager/Backslap with Rubber Handles

Must Have Blister Prevention

The average person walks about 7-8 miles a day at Walt Disney World. A DAY. Which means that blisters are a likely part of a Disney vacation. I am particularly prone to blisters. I am at Walt Disney World as I write this and this product is my new favorite thing EVER.

Compeed Advanced Blister Care Cushions, 10 Count Medium Sized Pads (2 Pack)

I put one of these pads on a blister on the ball of my foot  – a tricky spot! The pad was still there 10 hours later. It had not budged! I was able to do an entire day of walking when initially I thought I might be stuck at the resort all day. These are a lifesaver!

Want to see some of these items in action? Check out this video from our recent trip to Disneyland!

So now we want to know – what are YOUR must-have items? Share with us in the comments!

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Must Have Items from Amazon For Your Walt Disney World Vacation

Must Have Items from Amazon for your Disney vacation! See what we make sure to pack for our Disney trips and where to find them. #wdw #disneyworld #musthave #amazonaffiliate #disneyland

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Amazon Must Have Items for your Disney Parks Vacation

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Walt Disney World Must Have items! From sunscreen to phone chargers, learn it all her. #disneyworld #disneyland #musthaves #disneyparks

Save this article on Pinterest so you can find it later!