In the final installment of my attractions series at the Magic Kingdom, I am highlighting Liberty Square. It’s the smallest land in the Magic Kingdom, but there are a lot of really great attractions and dining options!

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is undoubtedly one of the most famous attractions in all of Walt Disney World. It opened with the park in 1971, and, while it has undergone a few changes over the years, the Haunted Mansion remains beloved by Disney fans worldwide.

The home of your “Ghost Host” is open for all “foolish mortals” to come in and tour. Fist, you’ll enter the infamous stretching room while the Ghost Host welcomes you. The chamber has no windows and no doors, but it does have a sense of humor and foreboding at the same time. After you exit the stretching room, a “doom buggy” is waiting for you in the hallway to take you through the rest of the eerie Mansion.

The creaks and moans of the rest of the mansion won’t be spoiled here, so keep looking around you because the details are too good to miss out on!

Be sure to notice (by sight and sound) the area surrounding the Haunted Mansion- the horseless carriage as you enter the queue, the cemetery on the left as you are entering the Mansion, the mausoleum and pet cemetery on the left as you exit. And look at the mansion itself- the spires look like a chess set!

FastPass+ is available, but if you use it you will miss the really awesome queue through the cemetery.

Use caution with small children as it might be frightening, but the whimsy of the Mansion might make up for it.

Height Requirement: any
FastPass+ yes

Liberty Square Riverboat

Travel around Tom Sawyer island and the Rivers of America on an authentic riverboat, the exquisite Liberty Belle. There are three decks to choose from, but the top deck will offer the best chances to photograph surrounding attractions, such as The Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain. Be sure to look around at the river’s banks as well.

The Riverboat is a fun ride and it’s a great chance to take a 20-minute break from the crowds at the Magic Kingdom. On most days the Liberty Belle departs on the hour and half hour.

Height Requirement: any

FastPass+ no

Great Moments in History with the Muppets

This show is performed on the street in Liberty Square and is one of the best additions to Walt Disney World in the last few years! The show begins with the Town Crier gathering you to hear the story of the American Revolution. When it begins, the Muppets appear all around in the Liberty Square windows. Kermit makes sure that Sam Eagle’s historical account is more entertaining and “with dignity”, but of course all of the other Muppets don’t want to play along with that! It’s about a 10-minute show that you can watch from just about anywhere in Liberty Square.

Check the Times Guide or My Disney Experience app for showtimes.

The Hall of Presidents

This trip through American history features all 45 United States Presidents in audioanimatronic form. While most of this attraction is a film, the finale opens up to audioanimatronics of all 45 presidents and is a really neat feature. There are speeches from George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, in most cases the current US President. The Hall of Presidents is edutainment at its best.

The rotunda of the Hall has portraits and artifacts from past presidencies as well as one of the only official presidential seals outside of the White House.

Showtimes are every half hour. The 700-seat theater is air-conditioned and a great way to get out of the heat or thunderstorms of the summer!

FastPass+ no

Dining in Liberty Square

For a small land, Liberty Square has a lot of dining options!
Columbia Harbor House is a household favorite around here! They serve chicken nuggets, tuna sandwiches, clam chowder, and a pretty decent lobster roll. They have a lot of vegetarian options too, such as chili and a hummus sandwich. Tip- try and sit upstairs if you can. It’s usually less crowded and has a generally quiet and clean restroom up there too!

If you want a waffle of just about any variety, try Sleepy Hollow! They have both savory and quite waffle options, including a spicy chicken waffle that is great, and waffles with fruit and Nutella (which are totally healthy because- fruit!). All of the options are delicious!

The Liberty Tree Tavern and the Diamond Horseshoe are the two table-service options in Liberty Square. Both serve lunch and dinner, with dinner being an all-you-can-eat family style option. The Diamond Horseshoe has a lot of brisket and pork, so if you’re a vegetarian I’d try the Liberty Tree Tavern.

The Liberty Square Market is a great place to pick up a quick snack of fresh fruit or chips, but they also sell turkey legs and hot dogs if you’re so inclined. And a candied bacon skewer- I missed that on my last trip so now I have to go back and try it!

That concludes my Attractions series! If you missed the others, I also wrote about Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Frontierland, and Adventureland. Thanks for reading!





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