A Disney Cruise Line vacation is the perfect family vacation. Even better than Walt Disney World or Disneyland. There. I said it.

Now let me explain WHY a Disney Cruise is the perfect family vacation! Here are the top five reasons why I think a Disney Cruise is a better family vacation than a trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland.

Disney Cruise Line Staterooms Are Designed For The Perfect Family Vacation

Disney Cruise Line designed their staterooms with families in mind. Details such as the split bath, and a privacy curtain between the queen bed and the twin beds gives you enough space to keep your sanity when traveling as a family! Trying doing that when sharing a single room at Walt Disney World.

As an early riser with a teenager, one of my favorite things to do is leave that teenager asleep while I go get my morning hot cocoa. With the privacy curtain, he never even stirs while I get ready and head out for my morning! Even with conflicting schedules, we each get what we want on vacation. He gets to sleep in, and his father and I enjoy some time together before he wakes up.

Verandah Staterooms on Disney Cruise Line make for the perfect family vacation

The interior of a Verandah Stateroom on Disney Cruise Line


There Is Something To Do For Everyone On a Disney Cruise

It sounds like a cliche, but it is true! Whether you you want to lounge by the pool, or are always on the go, you can find the perfect activities onboard Disney Cruise Line.

Onboard the ship, the daily Navigator (schedule) lists activities for kids, teens, adults, and the entire family. Movies? Sure! Would you rather watch one on the giant FunnelVision screen on the pool deck, or in the Buena Vista theater where they show first run films? Crafts? They’ve got them! Cooking demonstrations, wine and martini tastings, Bingo… the list goes on and on.

In Port, Disney Cruise Line offers a wide variety of shore excursions. (Port Adventures in Disney-speak.) Whether you want to lay on the beach all day, or go zip-lining through the rain forest, it is an option.

Disney Cruise Line Hatbox Ghost Craft

Paper Crafts are just one example of the activities onboard Disney Cruise Line


The Perfect Family Vacation Includes A Balance of Family Time and Alone Time

I love my son, and I love spending time with him. But let me be clear – there is such a thing as too much togetherness! This is where Disney Cruise Line truly shines. They recognize that a perfect family vacation means that each member of the family feels special.

The youth activities onboard the ship will keep the kids busy from morning ’til night. This gives parents the chance to indulge their own interests. I’ve already listed out some of the activities onboard the ship but don’t forget Senses Spa, the Quiet Cove adult-only pool and lounge area, and the adult-only nightclubs and lounges.

Disney Cruise Line Oceaneers Club

You may have to compete with the Oceaneers Club to spend time with your kids!

Trying New Foods

There is something about the sea air that stirs the appetite in even the pickiest of eaters! A Disney Cruise is the perfect place to expand your palates. Since all of the food in the dining rooms is included in the cruise fare, feel free to order items, even just to try them! (Escargot is a popular one. You will see many families daring each other to try the snails! There is always one kid brave enough who then realizes that anything bathed in that much garlic and butter HAS to be good!)

The menus on Disney Cruise Line offer a range of cuisines from simple fare to borderline exotic. In a normal restaurant at home, you are not likely to order the very expensive lobster just to try it, right? What if you don’t like it?! A Disney Cruise is the perfect opportunity to try that food that you have always wanted to taste! And don’t be surprised if your server just shows up with a dish they think you should have ordered. This has happened to us on more than one occasion!

disney cruise line food lamb chop

I tried the lamb chop on my last Disney Cruise and where have these been all my life?!

Making Memories

You know I love Walt Disney World, and that I try to “Do Less, Enjoy More.” But how many times have you returned from a Walt Disney World vacation feeling like the entire thing was a blur? (Thank God for Memory Maker. There are times when that is the only way I remember what we did each day!)

The perfect family vacation is the one that you talk about for years to come. The memories of these trips are what bond families together. But here is the key – in order to make memories, you have to be relaxed enough to process the activity. A Disney Cruise Line insures that everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves enough to make and retain the memories from your cruise forever. But don’t be surprised if reminiscing about your last Disney Cruise has you booking another one!

disney cruise line castaway cay perfect family vacation

This is one of my favorite memories from our last Disney Cruise. Just watching my family float in the crystal blue water.

So that’s it! My top five reasons why I think a Disney Cruise is the perfect family vacation. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments!


A Disney Cruise Is The Perfect Family Vacation. Even better than Walt Disney World! (Yes, we said it.) Learn why! #disneycruise

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