Epcot has become one of my most favorite places! Not just in Walt Disney World but all over the world! Its magical feel as well as its amazing attractions give way to an incredible feeling of adventure, travel, and whimsy. And I’m not even mentioning food here, that’s for another post! While there are a few rides and shows in World Showcase, I just wanted to focus on Future World here. So much is changing all over Epcot with two major attractions and the Skyliner coming in the next couple of years, so this might change too at that time! (And we did ride the Ratatouille attraction at Disneyland Paris so I’m positive that will become an instant favorite when it comes to Epcot!)

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is the heart of Epcot. As the world’s largest geodesic sphere, Spaceship Earth houses a unique attraction where guests take a trip through time exploring communication from past, present, and even into the future! This is a slow moving ride with no height requirement so it’s fun for all ages. The first half of the ride is filled with a great narration by Dame Judy Dench and takes you up into the sphere, spelling out how communication has changed “since the dawn of recorded history.” Then once you reach the top and turn around backwards, you get to be in charge of your future by answering some questions on your screen and watching the fun animation with you as the star.
While both parts of Spaceship Earth are very different, they are both a lot of fun for everyone.

The Land Pavilion

The Land Pavilion is home to Epcot’s most popular attraction, Soarin, but don’t miss some of the other things this pavilion has to offer! With attractions dedicated to inspiring and teaching all about the magnificent lands of Earth, there are many ways to learn and enjoy the Land.

The Land Pavilion is also home to two restaurants- The Garden Grill, a full service rotating restaurant, and Sunshine Seasons, a quick service food court type restaurant. Both offer great food that fit in with the theming of the pavilion.

The Living with the Land Boat Ride takes guests through the greenhouses of Epcot, where you can see many of the plants that are grown for the restaurants all around Walt Disney World. The Boat Ride is a small taste of what the greenhouses can do. For a more in-depth look, you can take the Behind the Seeds tour, a 90 minute tour that is quite reasonably priced. Get more info or sign up right beside the entrance to Soarin.

The main attraction in the Land Pavilion is Soarin Around the World- an attraction unlike any other. Guests board flight 5505 for nonstop service around the world, where you will soar over various amazing wonders in a specially built hang glider. Soarin is one of the most unique attractions in all of Walt Disney World and is extremely popular. Fortunately, the queue is interactive for those who do not have a Fastpass+. Height requirement Is 40 inches

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Hop aboard a clamobile and into Nemo’s world! Along the way you’ll meet Marlin, Bruce, Crush, and of course Dory. You’ll travel through an underwater tunnel and it’s amazing to see Nemo and his friends swimming right along with fish in one of the largest aquariums of the world.

Once inside, you’ll encounter many interactive exhibits, including a manatee exhibit and a chance to watch scuba divers as they intermingle with and feed the thousands of sea creatures in the tank.

And don’t forget to stop by and visit Crush in his very own exhibit, Turtle Talk with Crush. Crush’s tank is equipped with a special microphone so that he can talk to and hear from kids and adults alike. He’ll answer your questions about sea turtles and ocean life, and he’ll ask you questions about what humans like to eat. Just don’t ask him how many eggs he can lay, because Crush is a boy and doesn’t lay eggs!

Dining can be found at The Seas in the Coral Reef Restaurant, where guests can dine near the very large glass wall and with spectacular views of all the sea creatures in the aquarium.

Honorable mention- Journey into Imagination with Figment

This adorable attraction takes you into the Imagination Lab on an open house tour hosted by Dr. Nigel Channing, chairman of the Imagination Institute. Figment, the lovable purple dragon, soon interrupts the tour and tells guests to use their senses for imagination. I love it because it’s fun for all ages and reminds me of my very first trip to Epcot when I was a child.

So that’s my list! What’s on your Epcot attractions list?



Favorite Epcot attractions Walt Disney World

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