Disney Park Princess is proud to announce our new Theme Park Vacation Planning Journals! 

Let’s face it – there is A LOT that goes into planning a theme park vacation! Whether you will be visiting Universal or Disney, there are many moving parts to keep track of. Hotel reservations, dining reservations, snacks you want to try, and which rides you need Lightning Lane or Express Pass for!

If you are anything like me, you have a million scribbled notes on various pieces of paper on your desk! I am an habitual note taker. Never more than when I am planning a vacation!

This habit is what led us to develop our NEW Theme Park Planning Journal! Part planner, part bullet journal, it is the perfect thing to keep all of those important notes in one place. With planning pages in the front to help you keep track of important details, and plenty of note pages for jotting down ideas, plans, and random doodles, our Theme Park Vacation Planning Journal is not only super helpful as a planning tool, but also serves as a memory book once you are home from your trip.

Our Theme Park Vacation Planning Journal is available in both hardcover and paperback. And best of all – you have three cover choices! One designed by each of the Disney Park Princesses!

Theme Park Vacation Planning Journal – Sara’s Edition

Mine reflects my love of both Harry Potter and Disney and is in my favorite colors of navy blue and pink.

Theme Park Vacation Planning Journal – Heather’s Edition

Heather‘s is a classic journal look in white and rose gold!

Theme Park Vacation Planning Journal Heather

Theme Park Vacation Planning Journal – Sharla’s Edition

And Sharla‘s is a colorful 90’s inspired theme!

Theme park vacation planning journal Sharla

All three editions are available on our website and on Amazon, in both hardcover and paperback!

Theme Park Planning Journal Disney Universal

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