mophie PowerStation XXL External Battery for Smartphones

mophie PowerStation XXL External Battery for Smartphones



There is no panic like looking down and seeing the “Low Battery” warning on your phone. And when visiting the Disney parks, you are using your phone for EVERYTHING. Taking pictures, capturing videos, making FastPass+ on your My Disney Experience app, playing Candy Crush in line while waiting for Slinky Dog Dash…. (Guilty!) Not to mention keeping your kids entertained with that 1000th viewing of Frozen while they wait.

All of this means that at some point in your trip, likely at a critical moment, you will need to charge your phone. Walt Disney World has some locations when you can charge up (and we’ll cover those in a future post) but for those “OMG!” moments when you need a quick charge, these battery packs are a lifesaver. And my favorite one can charge two phones at once, giving you the chance to be a hero to someone else!


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