If you are going to splurge on one thing on your Disney Cruise, it should be one of the Cabanas on Disney’s private Island – Castaway Cay.

As I’ve shared before, Castaway Cay is the best part of a Disney cruise and a Cabana is the best way to make the most of your day here! It is the ultimate tropical getaway for your family. It makes an already private island feel even MORE exclusive!


You can find cabanas in two locations on Castaway Cay – the Family Beach and the adult-only Serenity Bay.

The Family Beach Cabanas are $726.88 for up to six people (you can add up to four additional guests for an extra $56 each). The Serenity Beach Cabanas are smaller and hold up to four guests for $446.88 (additional four guests are an additional $56 each). There are even a couple of “Grand” Cabanas on the Family Beach that are $1062.88 for up to 10 guests (additional guests are also $56 each, up to 16 guests). Pricing is at the time of writing and is subject to change!

A sign welcomes you to your private piece of heaven on Castaway Cay!

What Is Included

So what do you get for your $726? So many things!

The Cabanas are furnished with comfy padded furniture both inside and on the shaded deck. There is a curtained changing area. A ceiling fan keeps the inside cool. And a private hammock invites to sway the afternoon away listening to the sound of the waves.

Also Included in the cost of the Cabana:

  • A mini fridge fully loaded with water and soft drinks, as well as cool washcloths
  • Snacks such as chips and fresh fruit
  • Sunscreen (perfect if you are fair skinned like me!)
  • A safe to store your valuables
  • Bike, Float & snorkeling equipment (a huge savings right there!)
  • Sand toys for use on the beach
  • Magazines to read while you lounge
  • A Cabana Attendant is just the push of a button away to take drink orders or refill anything in the Cabana!
Private Cabana on Castaway Cay

A hammock is my favorite place to nap on Castaway Cay

How To Book A Cabana

So now that you just have to have a cabana for your upcoming Disney Cruise, how do you get one? Honestly, they can be a bit tricky to secure.

The best way to insure that you can reserve one, is to be in a Concierge stateroom or suite. Concierge guests can book them before anyone else, 120 days in advance of their cruise. It is not unusual for Concierge guests to snatch up every available Cabana!

If you are not staying in a Concierge stateroom or suite, you can book the Cabanas online when your Online Check In Window opens. (Want to get all the important dates for your Disney Cruise? Subscribe to our email list and get a free print out with all of the dates you need to know!)

No Cabanas available? Don’t give up hope! Cancellations happen all the time. Keep checking! If you still have been unable to book a Cabana prior to boarding, check at the Guest Services desk when you board to be added to the wait list.

Cabanas Forever

Be forewarned, once you have a Cabana at Castaway Cay, there is no going back. I have had a Cabana on my last three Disney Cruises and it is a MUST. Before learning the wonders of Cabana life, I would spend maybe a few hours on Castaway Cay before returning to the ship to cool off and get out of the sun. (As a fair-skinned, prone-to-skin-cancer person, my time in the sun is limited!) Now they are dragging me back on to the ship at the end of the day!

From “All Ashore” to “All Aboard”, having a Cabana means that you can enjoy every single second of your time on Castaway Cay. Are you ready to book a Cabana for your next cruise? Let us know in the comments!

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Castaway Cay is the best part of any Disney Cruise! Learn the ONE thing that we recommend splurging on to make the absolute most of your day at Castaway Cay!

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The Cabanas on Castaway Cay are the ultimate indulgence for your Disney Cruise. Learn why we think they are worth every penny! #disneycruise #disneycruiseline #disneycruisetips #disneycruisecastawaycay #disneycruisecabanas

Save this article to Pinterest so that you can find it later!




Save this article on Pinterest so that you can find it later!