By now it’s no secret that we love a good cocktail. Bonus points when it’s enjoyed in a fun lounge at the Disney Parks. Since we already listed our favorite lounges in Walt Disney World, I think it’s only fair that we include Disneyland as well. Here are our Top 5 favorite lounges at the Disneyland Resort.

1. Trader Sam’s
Sam’s east coast counterpart made our list for Walt Disney World, but this location is the original. You can expect the same loud antics, coupled with the special effects for each cocktail. But at this location you’ll find significantly more hidden nods to Disney history everywhere you look. The outdoor patio is a quieter choice, with live music on the weekends. Trader Sam’s is very popular, so be sure to get there early to avoid a line!

2. Carthay Circle Lounge
Located in the iconic theater at Disney’s California Adventure, this lounge is dark, mysterious and cozy. The interior invokes a 1930’s Hollywood hot spot where everyone comes to see and be seen. It’s quiet, and if you listen closely, you’ll hear popular Disney songs being played in a jazzy style. Here’s where you can cozy up on a couch, order a martini, and pretend you’re part of Hollywood’s heyday.

3. Lamplight Lounge
Located on Pixar Pier, the Lamplight Lounge took the place of the beloved Cove Bar. But fear not! There are still those same great views of the Incredicoaster and all of the pier. You’ll even find the fan favorite Lobster Nachos on the menu. There’s a whole new drink menu that’s fantastic, but if you’re craving the old favorites from Cove Bar, the bartenders will make those for you, too. This is where you’ll find us on a sunny California afternoon, soaking in the sun and the laughter of the park.

disneyland pixar pier lamplight lounge

4. Hearthstone Lounge
Located at Disney’s Grand Californian Resort the Hearthstone Lounge is tucked away in the corner of the hotel lobby. You’ll find leather sofas to cozy up on with volumes of classic novels lining the bookshelves. Our favorite part is the giant fireplace in the corner – if you’re lucky enough to snag a couch around the fireplace you’ll never want to leave! This is where we come when we want quiet conversations with friends, or a night cap on a perfect day at Disneyland.

5. Mendocino Wine Terrace
Obviously wine is our favorite, so when in California Adventure park we always stop by the terrace to see what wines they’re serving. We’ll grab a table to watch the afternoon parade go by, or pick up a glass to go and wander to nearby Cars Land. If you just need a break in the middle of the day this is a great place to come to relax but still feel like you’re in the middle of the action.


Did we miss your favorite lounge? Let us know in the comments where you like to visit to grab a cocktail at Disneyland!


disneyland lounge pixar poer lampllight

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