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Happy New Year!

Before we ring in 2019, I wanted to take a look back at 2018. This has been a big year for us. Disney Park Princess was created this year! Starting a new business is exciting and intimidating, and at times, overwhelming. It has been a lot of hard work!

We are so proud of what we have accomplished this year. So we wanted to share some of our favorite posts and podcasts with you! If you are new to our DPP family – welcome! And if you have been with us from the beginning – thank you from the bottom of our Mickey-shaped hearts.

Our First PostTop 5 Favorite Ways to Splurge at Walt Disney World
This is the first post ever published on our blog back on September 5, 2018. You can also find Our Top 5 Favorite Ways to Spoil Yourself on a Disney Cruise, and Our Top 5 Ways to Spoil Yourself at Disneyland. Notice a trend? This is not your Disney-on-a-budget blog. There are many of these to be found and they offer great advice! But we wanted to do something a little different. Our blog is aimed at the guest who wants to “plus up” their vacation and really make it special. We believe that luxury is not a bad word. We also believe that luxury does not have to break the bank!

Our First “Affiliate” Post – Our Must Have Items for a Disney Parks Vacation
This is the first post that includes Amazon affiliate links. What are affiliate links? One of the ways we support this blog and the costs associated with running it, is to post items from Amazon that we really like. When you purchase items through these links, we get a tiny portion of the proceeds. This helps us earn money to pay fees like website hosting, etc. Here is the most important thing to know – if we say we really use or like a product, WE DO. We will never try to sell you something we don’t believe in.

A Post I Wish I had Written – Why We Love Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park
Since our blog is still so new, Heather, Sharla, and I talk a little bit about what we are going to write, but more often than not, their topics are a surprise to me. And so there are mornings when I see their post and think, “Oh man! Great topic! I wanted to write that!” This was one of those mornings. I love Animal Kingdom so much. And Sharla did the perfect job of explaining why we love it so much. (And I got to write Why Epcot Is My Favorite Theme Park so what goes around, comes around!)

A Post That Inspires Serious Disney Daydreams – VIP Tour Guides and Why We LOVE Them
Some posts instantly transport me in my mind to a favorite trip. This post is one of them! On the few occasions that I have had the chance to tour with a VIP Tour Guide, it has been a truly magical experience. Now my budget doesn’t usually run to VIP Tour Guides but this post from Heather definitely has me Disney dreaming-and-scheming to figure out how I can do it again soon!

Episode 3 of the Disney Park Princess Podcast – Adventures by Disney
By Episode 3 of our podcast, we had started to find our groove. And talking about our favorite Disney product – Adventures by Disney, made it possibly my favorite episode so far! We’re 13 episodes in by now and counting but this one will always remain a classic for me.

Now we look forward to 2019. There are a LOT of changes coming to Disney destinations! From new lands to new rides, there will be so much to talk about. We hope you will stick around for the journey!

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