The Disney Treasure will be the sixth ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet! But how does it differ from it’s sister ship, the Disney Wish? Read on to find out! 

I am a HUGE Disney Cruise line fan so you know I was excited to watch the video reveal of the Disney Treasure! Here is what we know so far… (All photos and images courtesy of Disney!)

When Will the Disney Treasure Set Sail?

The Disney Treasure will have it’s Maiden Voyage on December 21, 2024! The Disney Treasure will be sailing 7-night Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries which means that this Maiden Voyage will include Christmas! And the second sailing will include New Year’s. What a way to ring in 2025!

Disney Cruise Line Treasure Exterior

The Disney Treasure, the newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet expansion, will set sail in December 2024, embarking on its inaugural season of seven-night itineraries to the Eastern and Western Caribbean from Port Canaveral, Florida. Adventure will serve as the architectural and thematic foundation of the ship, in honor of Walt Disney’s legendary passion for travel and exploration. (Disney)

When Can I Book the Disney Treasure? 

Disney Cruise Line will open booking for the Disney Treasure to the general public on September 20, 2023. BUT! If you are a Castaway Club member (meaning you have sailed on Disney Cruise Line previously), you get first dibs!

Pearl Castaway Club Members (those who have sailed 25 or more times) can book on September 12, 2023.

Platinum Castaway Club Members (those who have sailed 10 or more times) can book on September 13, 2023.

Gold Castaway Club Members (those who have sailed 5 or more times) can book on September 14, 2023.

Silver Castaway Club Members (those who have sailed between 1 – 4 times) can book on September 19, 2023. Yes, there is a big gap!

I suspect the Inaugural sailing will sell out before they ever get to the general public on September 20, 2023. But you never know so contact your Travel Planner today!

Disney Treasure Disney Cruise Line

How Will the Disney Treasure Differ from the Disney Wish?

While the footprint of the ships is exactly the same, the overall theming is very different! The color palette for the Treasure is much darker, with rich colors.

The Grand Hall (atrium/lobby) will be Agrabah themed and features a statue of Aladdin and Jasmine. The Disney Wish has a Cinderella motif with pale blues.

Disney Cruise Line Treasure Atrium Agrabah

The Grand Hall of the Disney Treasure, Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, will radiate the irresistible allure of adventure, inviting guests to seek all the treasures on board from the moment they embark. Inspired by the grandeur and mystery of a gilded palace, it draws on real-world influences from Asia and Africa and pays homage to the far-off land of Agrabah from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ classic tale, “Aladdin.” (Disney)


Jumbeaux’s Sweets is Zootopia themed as opposed to the Wreck it Ralph theme of Vanellope’s on the Disney Wish.

Disney Cruise Line Treasure Jumbeaux Cafe Ice Cream

Onboard the Disney Treasure, the sweetshop, Jumbeaux’s Sweets, will be reminiscent of the popular ice cream parlor, Jumbeaux Café, from the bustling mammal metropolis featured in Disney’s “Zootopia.” Surrounded by playful pink interiors, Victorian-style architecture and an endearing sculpture of Officer Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, guests will be served humor and heart by the cone full., along with a selection of more than 20 flavors of handmade gelato, 16 flavors of ice cream and sorbets, specialty treats, candies and more. (Disney)


This is the most exciting part of the whole reveal! The pub area which is Keg & Compass on the Disney Wish will be Periscope Pub on the Disney Treasure.

Disney Cruise Line Treasure Periscope Pub

On board the Disney Treasure, Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, guests will dive into the mythical depths of uncharted oceans at the Periscope Pub. Serving as Disney Cruise Line’s first venue inspired by the spellbinding adventure of Walt Disney’s 1954 film, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” and the legacy Disney Parks attraction, the submarine-styled interiors will give guests a look at the watery world below through an intriguing glass ceiling.

The open theater where family events such as Bingo is called Sarabi and is Lion King-themed.

Disney Cruise Line Treasure Sarabi Theater

Named for the lioness matriarch from Disney’s “The Lion King,” Sarabi will be a central hub for a multitude of daytime activities and adult-exclusive evening entertainment onboard Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, the Disney Treasure, serving as the perfect gathering place for families. (Disney)

Another super exciting reveal for Disney nerds is the Skipper Society Lounge! This is The Bayou on the Disney Wish. Keep an eye out for corny jokes and a very cool drink presentation!

Disney Cruise Line Treasure Skipper Society

Onboard the Disney Treasure, Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, adventure awaits guests beneath a tangle of untamed foliage at Skipper Society, a centrally located adult outpost that features refined nods to the iconic Jungle Cruise attraction at Disney theme parks around the globe. At Skipper Society, guests will indulge in themed cocktails and light snacks.

Now I really feel like Disney Cruise Line is speaking to my crazy cat lady side… the Suites are themed to the Disney royal Cats like Rajah from Aladdin!!!

Disney Cruise Line Treasure Suites

The adventure-inspired accommodations aboard the Disney Treasure will extend to four royal suites that pay tribute to the faithful feline companions of daring Disney characters. The upscale designs will include the Rajah Royal Suites, themed to Princess Jasmine’s protective tiger who dwells in the royal palace of Agrabah in the classic Disney film, “Aladdin.” (Disney)


The AquaMouse, Disney Cruise Line’s “Roller coaster at sea”, will feature Mickey and Minnie and “The Curse of the Golden Egg!”

Disney Cruise Line Disney Treasure AquaMouse Curse of the Golden Egg

Onboard the Disney Treasure, AquaMouse: Curse of the Golden Egg, Disney Cruise Line’s own attraction at sea, will introduce an all-new storyline to its existing lineup that follows Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on a zany misadventure into an ancient temple. Suspended high above the upper decks, powerful jets will propel two-person ride vehicles through 760 feet of winding tubes, offering breathtaking views of the ocean and the ship below. (Disney)

What are the Dining Room themes on Disney Treasure?

The Disney Treasure will feature two of the same dining rooms as the Disney Wish – 1923 and Worlds of Marvel. But replacing Arendelle on the Disney Treasure will be Plaza de Coco! I am super excited about this change. As much as I love Frozen, Coco holds a special place in my heart!

Disney Cruise Line Treasure Plaza de Coco

On board Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, the Disney Treasure, the vibrant town of Santa Cecilia awakens at Plaza De Coco, the world’s first theatrical dining experience themed to the Disney and Pixar film, “Coco.” Miguel and his familia will take guests on a colorful, music-filled journey that celebrates treasured family memories and togetherness with a festive dinner menu that offers a modern twist on traditional Mexican fare and a lineup of live entertainment. (Disney)

There are so many more details to come and to pore over between now and December 2024. What do you think of the Disney Treasure? Will you be booking? Let me know in the comments!

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