Celebrating a birthday at Walt Disney World is special! Check out our best tips for how to add even more magic to your birthday celebration at Walt Disney World.

It’s my birthday! I am mumble mumble years old. No matter how what the number is on your birth certificate, everyone is young at heart at Walt Disney World! Even Walt Disney World is celebrating a birthday this year. Walt Disney World turned 50 on October 1, 2021 and will be celebrating for 18 months!

I was lucky enough to spend my 40th birthday at Walt Disney World. It was a magical experience, turning 40 in front of Cinderella Castle with my family as the clock struck midnight. (And no, my monorail did not turn back into a pumpkin!) Since I am 46 today (there, I said it), I have been thinking about how I would celebrate if I were at Disney World!

(Some of the experiences below may not be available right now due to the COVID-19 restrictions. We hope that they will all be returning soon!)

walt disney world birthday cinderella castle

At the stroke of midnight on my 40th birthday, in front of Cinderella Castle. Note the birthday button AND tiara! (Ignore the exhausted face. It was midnight.)

Here are my “Top 5 Tips” to make the most of your birthday celebration at Walt Disney World.

1) Wear Your Birthday Button at Walt Disney World

Be sure to stop at Guest services at your resort or any of the theme parks to pick up a celebration button. This pin lets Cast Members know that you are celebrating something! You never know what magic may occur. Whether it is just a friendly “Happy Birthday!” from every Cast Member you see, to a special treat like front row seats on your favorite attraction. The button lets people know that you are celebrating!

The Characters also pay special attention to those buttons. I have been wished a “Happy Birthday!” from many a parade float!

My son wore a Celebration Button for a “Gotcha Day” trip one year. (He is adopted and Gotcha Day is the day we, well, got him!) He proudly explained this to every Cast Member that asked. More than one of him teared up at his story and this concept! It was an incredibly special day for us. Hearing him proudly share the story of Gotcha Day is a memory I will keep in my heart forever.

2) Note the Birthday Celebration EVERYWHERE On Your Walt Disney World Reservations

In addition to the birthday button, be sure to note your celebration on your resort room reservation and your dining reservations. I have received everything from surprise room upgrades to a card signed my Mickey and all his friends. While the button is helpful for while you are at Walt Disney World, adding the celebration to your reservations in advance gives Disney the chance to make magic before you even arrive!

At the Walt Disney World restaurants, noting your birthday celebration will almost always mean a special birthday cupcake at the end of your meal. I have also arrived at our table to find it decorated in adorable Mickey confetti!

3) Birthday Gifts from Walt Disney World Florist

Disney Floral and Gifts is the perfect place to order gifts for the birthday boy or girl. For example, for my 40th birthday, my husband ordered a gorgeous rose magic wand. (See photo below.) It was the perfect touch! And all the more special because even though he was with me on the trip, it was something he had thought of and arranged beforehand. (Those of you who are married understand what I mean!)

I have sent friends everything from gift cards to room decorations. It is incredible to come back to the hotel to find these pixie dusted presents!

The Disney Florists have a large selection on their website but pro tip – you can call them and customize a gift! You can even add a gift card to an order. Just let them know your budget and what you had in mind, and they will create something truly magical.

Disney Floral birthday gift

The “Rose” Magic Wand from Disney Floral. Photos don’t do it justice!

4) Spend Your Birthday at Senses Spa at Walt Disney World

Senses Spa at Walt Disney World offers the perfect indulgence for a big day. Whether you visit the location at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, or Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa, there is something for everyone! If it were me, I would be indulging in the Cocoa Enzyme Facial, followed by the Citrus Grove Signature Massage.

While the spas at Walt Disney World are still currently closed due to the ongoing pandemic, the Mandara Spa at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel IS open! It is located just a short walk from the Yacht & Beach Clubs or Boardwalk Inn.

walt disney work senses spa

The Senses Spa at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

5) What Is A Birthday Without Cake?

While I personally believe that cake is really just a vehicle for frosting, particularly buttercream, there are incredible cakes available at Walt Disney World. In fact, you can custom order a cake to be delivered to your resort or for a special meal! Our friend Carrie Hayward has a great post on her blog Disney Travel Babble about the process.

Didn’t plan far enough ahead for a custom cake? No problem! Most restaurants have basic 7-inch cakes available for an additional fee. Or stop by Disney Springs and visit Sprinkles or Amorette’s Patisserie for a cupcake or cake!

What are you waiting for?

Birthdays come once a year. Therefore everyone has a reason to plan a trip! Celebrating a birthday at Walt Disney World is a truly magical memory. What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate at Disney? Let us know in the comments!

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Walt Disney World is my favorite place to spend my birthday. Birthdays at Walt Disney World are magical! Learn our Top 5 Tips for celebrating your birthday at Walt Disney World!

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Birthdays at Walt Disney World can be magical. Learn our Top 5 Tips for celebrating your birthday at Walt Disney World! #disneyworld #birthday

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Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday at Walt Disney World

Save this article on Pinterest so that you can find it later.


Our Top 5 Tips for Celebrating Your Birthday at Walt Disney World! #disneyworld #birthday

Save this article on Pinterest so that you can find it later!