Let’s face it- Disney Cruises are an investment! But there is much more included in the cost of your cruise than is not included. 

We have several tips for saving money on your Disney Cruise, but some things will cost extra. Additionally, there are some things that will cost extra but are not optional. In my next blog I will list some of the things that are not included in the price of your Disney Cruise.

But for now- let’s focus on the positive. There are so many things that are included in the price of your cruise that you won’t have to worry too much about things that are not included. Disney Cruise Line really can be an all-inclusive vacation, and you can get away without spending a lot of extra money on the ship.

What Is Included On Your Disney Cruise

Most Meals Are Included On Your Disney Cruise 

With the exception of the one or two specialty restaurants on the ships (Palo/Remy), all restaurants are included in the price of your Disney cruise. This means you can absolutely eat every single meal on the ship without paying anything extra (Although you definitely need to eat at Palo on each cruise). Also included is lunch at Disney’s Castaway Cay if your cruise stops there.

Because of Disney Cruise Line’s unique rotational dining, you get the privilege eating in a main dining room at least once on your cruise, or you can choose from one of the many quick service locations onboard the ship. Trust me, you will not go hungry, and you won’t have to budget for food on your cruise.

Truffle Pasta included

The Black Truffle Pasta at Animator’s Palate is one of the most amazing foods onboard, and it’s included in the price of your cruise, so go ahead and order two or three!

Room Service Is Included On Your Disney Cruise

Room service is completely free onboard Disney Cruise Line! This is something that other cruise lines charge for, but not Disney. You can also get room service 24 hours a day, which is perfect if you get a late night or very early craving. One of my favorite things to order from room service is simply chocolate chip cookies. They have big cookies, and they come warm, so it’s the perfect pick me up. One thing to keep in mind is that while room service is free it’s customary to tip the delivery person a few dollars.

Soda & Coffee Are Included On Your Disney Cruise

I know there are plenty of people who are in the same boat (no pun intended) with caffeine of some sort, so no worries, Disney Cruise Line has you covered.  Most cruise lines charge extra for soda, but this is not the case on Disney Cruise Line. No need to buy extra “refreshment” packages, you can get your soda and coffee (and hot chocolate) up on the pool deck 24 hours a day without paying anything extra.

As an avid Diet Coke drinker (yes, I admit I have a serious problem, and not one that I even want to solve right now) this is one of the best things about cruising on Disney Cruise Line! I don’t have to worry about the cost of my Diet Cokes adding to the cost of my cruise. Soda and coffee are also included in any restaurant on the ship, but there are specialty coffee options and cans of soda (such as at a bar or from room service) around that do have a charge to them, so just remember not to order from those places and you’ll be good.

Shows & Entertainment Are Included On Your Disney Cruise

One of the things Disney Cruise Line is known for is its world-class entertainment. They have some of the best shows throughout all of the ships worldwide. Not only does Disney Cruise Line have shows you will not be able to see anywhere else, each DCL ship has unique offerings- a new show for every ship! All of the stage shows are included in the price of your cruise, and, unlike other cruise lines, you don’t have to reserve seats in advance of your cruise. You can just show up a little bit early to get your seat before the show.

In addition to theater shows, DCL has tons of onboard entertainment onboard, including sail away shows, crafts, cooking demonstrations, There is also a movie theater onboard each ship where you can see first-run movies, even premieres if you’re onboard on a day when a movie is released. There are also lots of games to be found, such as trivia and the Mid-Ship Detective Agency.

While there are some charges for entertainment such as Bingo onboard, just about everything else is included in the price of your cruise. And you get to take advantage of the fantastic cruise staff while you’re doing it.

towel animal

Towel making classes are one of the complimentary classes onboard.


Hatbox Ghost 3D Crafts

3D Paper Folding Crafts are one of the many complimentary classes offered onboard


Taxes/Port Fees Are Included On Your Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Line always adds in the taxes and port fees when you are paying toward your cruise. You don’t have to worry about paying any sort of duty in all of the countries you visit unless otherwise specified. These are not negotiable add-ons to the cruise, so they just add it in to what you’re paying up front.

This list is just some of the things included in the price of your cruise- most things are actually included and you won’t have to pay a lot of extra money at the end of your cruise if you plan things correctly. In two weeks I’ll be back with things not included in the price of your cruise.


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Let's face it- Disney Cruises are not inexpensive! There is much more included in the cost of your cruise than is not included; here are some of the best included (free) things onboard. #disneycruiseline #travel #disney #dcl

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